Tenchi Muyo!
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Tenchi Muyo!
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Tenchi Muyo!

Step Mother, Step Sister, Inheritance, And...

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A new life in the Masaki family, "Masaki Kenshi". Though the destiny-laden life brings a lot of joy to Kenshi's mother, Rea, and Tenchi, the days are also tinged with worries. Next to the soundly sleeping Kenshi, Tennyo and Rea discuss Kiyone and other family matters until the day breaks. Then it's back to the usual "day in the Masaki family" again. Young Kenshi is not weighed down by any of the gloomy worries the adults have and grows stronger every day. Meanwhile, the adults on the side of the Yamada family are also starting to begin talking about the things to come...

First Aired

Friday, 28th February 2020


29 minutes

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