Iyanla: Fix My Life
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Iyanla: Fix My Life
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Iyanla: Fix My Life

Biological Mama Drama

<<    Season: 10, Episode: 4    >>


After his biological mother became pregnant at the age of 12, Terrell Brown was adopted by two loving parents when he was just two weeks old. Terrell had a wonderful childhood and a very happy life, but eventually felt the pang of curiosity regarding his adoption. Through the help of a recent DNA test, Terrell met his mother and five sisters for the very first time. While meeting everyone was joyful, blending them into his daily life with his adopted family has proved challenging. Terrell is a chronic people pleaser and is now in a tug of war between his two mothers. His identity is being lost in the crossfire and he is desperate for Iyanla to help him find out who he truly is.

First Aired

Saturday, 21st November 2020


45 minutes


Saturday at 9:00pm

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